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Howard Shen

Hey, what's up... it's your Asian cousin Howard here...

You're on HowardShen.com. Obviously. A place where fed up, frustrated, burnt-out network marketers find new hope.

Just like I did a few fateful months back...

... when I made a decision to try DS Domination. Now I'm in the fastlane, building my dropshipping business from my laptop, livin' the dot com lifestyle.

Buckle up?

Buy MLM leads?  Sup Boss, This is your Asian cousin, Howard Shen here.

Are you looking to buy…

Oh, wait.  ‘Scuse me.  Back up the bus.

Peter just heard you say you want to buy MLM leads.

This is his response:

Sorry.  Please don’t blame him.  Can’t say it’s his fault.


Lemme tell you the secret…

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Guys, what I’m about to share with you can totally change your business and totally change your life.


That might be the keys to the success in the broker industry…

But it ain’t here in our network marketing profession… (umm.. Maybe I should give it a try?) *Blush*


A lot of people talk about “Slow and steady wins the race.”

That’s a bunch of garbage.

It’s most certainly not true, especially in your network marketing business.

Don’t ever think that simply hanging in there for a certain amount of time is all it takes.

Success doesn’t just fall into the lap of the patient ones.

Sorry, but it doesn’t.

Slow and steady does not win the race, unfortunately.

Slow and steady may help you to consume some good products.

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Relax, tiger.

“Dummies,” meaning newbies.  Jeez, don’t take everything so personal.

This DS Domination review is brought to you by your long lost Asian cousin.

Hey boss.  That’s me.  Howard Shen.

I’m a bestselling author and thriving DS Domination super affiliate.  My ID is secureindex.  Just so ya know.

Now.  I know what you’re thinking:

“An Asian whose parents didn’t force him into medical school?!?  Amazing.”

LOL.  Stereotypes are funny.  Because, well, they’re true.

No med school for this guy.

But remember, Asians are really smart… so my DS Domination results aren’t typical and you should see this page for average earnings.

Anyways, let’s boogie.

DS Domination, for me, has been a complete game-changer.

For my teammates?


Seriously.  What a nice change of pace to see your downline actually earning commissions.

Gee, that’s a network marketing first, now isn’t it?

Even crazier, I’ve got my ‘DS dawgs’ actually making bank without becoming active affiliates.

Say what?!?

“You mean to tell me that there’s legit value in these products?”

[Me]: “Is the pope Catholic?” (Uh, yes, duh.)

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