April 2014

Battle Royale: Buy MLM Leads vs Free MLM Leads

Buy MLM leads?  Sup Boss, This is your Asian cousin, Howard Shen here. Are you looking to buy… Oh, wait.  ‘Scuse me.  Back up the bus. Peter just heard you say you want to buy MLM leads. This is his response: Sorry.  Please don’t blame him.  Can’t say it’s his fault. Why? Lemme tell you […]

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The #1 Most Important MLM Success Tip For Network Marketers

Guys, what I’m about to share with you can totally change your business and totally change your life. LMAO That might be the keys to the success in the broker industry… But it ain’t here in our network marketing profession… (umm.. Maybe I should give it a try?) *Blush* Anyway. A lot of people talk […]

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