Battle Royale: Buy MLM Leads vs Free MLM Leads

by Howard Shen in Network Marketing

Buy MLM leads?  Sup Boss, This is your Asian cousin, Howard Shen here.

Are you looking to buy…

Oh, wait.  ‘Scuse me.  Back up the bus.

Peter just heard you say you want to buy MLM leads.

This is his response:

Sorry.  Please don’t blame him.  Can’t say it’s his fault.


Lemme tell you the secret…

Because he knows there’s a better way.

It’s called “ranking and banking.”

Would you agree?  That leads are the lifeblood of any business.  I don’t care if you’re a stripper or you sell hot dogs out of a damn cart in downtown Milwaukee, you need eyeballs on your product or service.

This unassuming lil blog you’re on right now?  Yeah, this thing is generating free network marketing leads 24/7… yep, you guessed it… three-sixty-effing-five.

All day, every day.


Did you really just ask that?  Think about it.  How’d you get here?

Need a hint?

Big brother Google, that’s how.

(Thanks, G!)

You probably went to bruddah G, typed in something like “how to get free MLM leads online” and Google served you up my site., baby.

Now you’re here.  I add a lil value into your life, make a bad joke or two, tempt you with an ethical bribe… and… poof!

Like magic, you just became a hot lead for me.

Fist bump?

Now rinse and repeat that process times a big number.  That’s what I do.  I put virtual “lines in the water,” where I know the big fish swim, and get bites like crazy.

These are the very best leads you can get for your MLM business.


They raised their hand, by nature of their Google search, and said they were already interested in what you were doing.

They’re already smelling what you’re selling.  Wink.

That’s why Peter was laughing above.

Because he knows ranking and banking just flat-out works.

Every.  Single.  Time.

This is my secret sauce.  I just dumped it all over your plate.  Too spicy?

Don’t worry.  I can break this down real simple for you.

Times have changed, my friend.

If your upline told you to buy MLM leads, they’re morons.  If they told you to pick up the phone and start dialing, they’re morons.  And if they mentioned genealogy lead lists, you should run.  Far.  And never look back.

Get outta that company A.S.A.F.P – as soon as (you fill in the blank) possible.

Seriously.  You tryin’ to be a telemarketer or a top earner?

You’re not a dog.  Are you?

Stop chasing people…



But definitely not cute for your business.  They just fly off…

It’s about positioning.

And sex appeal.

No… not like that…

Although that helps.  Haha.

I mean turning the tables.  Leveraging the internet to make buyers come to you; instead of you vomiting all over strangers who could really give a damn about your stupid comp plan.

News flash: nobody cares.

It doesn’t matter which MLM company you’re in.  Outside of the warm market you awkwardly guilt into joining your deal, nobody else is gonna buy your shit.


Simple.  They’ll look at what you’re doing — meeting strangers at Starbucks, for example — and subconsciously say, “I don’t wanna do that.”

You have no positioning.  No sex appeal.

You wanna jump a pin level?  You gotta sell more stuff and recruit more people.  No avoiding that.  But I think you’ll agree the average Joe will see right through your over-rehearsed pitch.

They’ll see struggle.  Not dollar signs.  Pain.  Not wind-in-the-face excitement.  Slow.  Not fast.  Pushy.  Not pleasant.

And, unless Joe’s a total pushover, he’ll say “No thanks.”

I’m preaching to the choir here, aren’t I?

Hearing the truth hurts.  But it also needs to be said.  Your sponsor ain’t gonna give it to ya straight, that’s for sure.

Stop fighting an uphill battle.

Bring your tired, outdated MLM and take it online.

Learn how to get to the top of Google so you can go fast and look sexy.

Thinking you could never do what I’m doing?

Think again.

My mentor, who’s making over $40,000/mo online, took me under his wings and showed me how to do it.

And my life hasn’t been the same ever since.

Dude, English isn’t even my first language.  Remember?  I said “Asian cousin.”

If I can do it, so can you.

Stop prospecting.  And don’t you dare buy worn-out business opportunity leads.  Do this instead.

Now that’s sexy,

Howard Shen

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