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DS Domination Review For Dropshipping Dummies

DS Domination Review For Dropshipping Dummies

by Howard Shen in DS Domination

Relax, tiger.

“Dummies,” meaning newbies.  Jeez, don’t take everything so personal.

This DS Domination review is brought to you by your long lost Asian cousin.

Hey boss.  That’s me.  Howard Shen.

I’m a bestselling author and thriving DS Domination super affiliate.  My ID is secureindex.  Just so ya know.

Now.  I know what you’re thinking:

“An Asian whose parents didn’t force him into medical school?!?  Amazing.”

LOL.  Stereotypes are funny.  Because, well, they’re true.

No med school for this guy.

But remember, Asians are really smart… so my DS Domination results aren’t typical and you should see this page for average earnings.

Anyways, let’s boogie.

DS Domination, for me, has been a complete game-changer.

For my teammates?


Seriously.  What a nice change of pace to see your downline actually earning commissions.

Gee, that’s a network marketing first, now isn’t it?

Even crazier, I’ve got my ‘DS dawgs’ actually making bank without becoming active affiliates.

Say what?!?

“You mean to tell me that there’s legit value in these products?”

[Me]: “Is the pope Catholic?” (Uh, yes, duh.)

In fact, if you wanna get right down to brass tacks, go ahead and enter your best email below.

I’ll send you a free behind-the-scenes DS Domination money-getting report — one that reveals how average, everyday people like you are seeing results with this copy-and-paste dropshipping program:

Again, totally free.

Throw your best email above and get instant access.  Cool?

Look, I could care less if you’ve been in some MLM deal for the past five years with no results…

… or maybe you’re suffering from the biz opp hop (you know who you are), bouncing from one shiny network marketing company to the next…

… or even if you’re a floundering affiliate, who’s never earned a single commission in your life…

… two things:

One.  It ain’t your fault.  I’ve been there, done that.  Wearing the tee-shirt right now.

Two.  This Dropship Domination movement is different.  I’m not the only new dropshipper who’s crushing.

There’s Luis:


And Tanya:


And Nick:


And Salvatore:


And Barbie:


And Ronnie:


Do you need me to keep going?

I could go on and on.  For realz.  We might be here all day.  Let’s keep it moving…


Roger LangilleKevin Hokoana and Hitesh Juneja are the dudes who made DS Domination possible.

They opened the doors in August 2013 and the thing’s been growing like a friggin’ weed ever since.

The DS Domination products show ya how to tap into the gazillion dollar industry that is dropshipping.

Think Amazon, eBay, Wally World (Walmart, yo).

Then, you’ve got the optional business opportunity for those who wanna resell the aforementioned products.

We straight so far?

Like an arrow?  That’s what I’m talking about.

Now.  The USP goes like this: get money without being sleazy.  To be blunt, what other MLM have you ever seen where there’s legit money to be made even if you don’t participate in the comp plan?

(I’m waiting.)

Positive cash flow.  Without needing to be that guy/gal who’s always pitching their friends and fam.

That’s what DS Domination does different.

Shawn agrees:


So does Drew:


And random text messager (lol):


And all these peeps:


Trust me, this is just a small sample of the DS Domination testimonials we’ve had pouring in.

So awesome to see good people finally breaking through.


How much does DS Domination cost?  What are you actually buying?

I’m about to break it down like a tent.  Or something.

  • DS Domination Pro: costs $19.95/mo.  You get 19 step by step tutorials showing you how to (legally and ethically) piggyback off Amazon products and sell ’em for a profit on eBay.  Totally dummy-proof.  Copy and paste easy.  And, oh yeah, it works.  I made my first sale on day effing one.  Included in “Pro” are three wicked bonuses that’ll help you turbocharge your dropshipping business.
  •  DS Domination Elite: costs $99/mo.  You scoop up 10 modules (plus eight bonuses) that teach you how to source products from additional vendors to sell on eBay.  Who cares?  Hopefully, you.  Why?  Mo’ money.  See, mastering this bumps you up to $50 to $200 per sale.  Hear the boom?  Yep, dynamite.  “Elite” DS Domination peeps are get their paws on proprietary software that allows you to go faster.
  • DS Domination Unleashed: costs $249.  Boss, picture 15 modules showing you how to profit off shortcuts and loopholes.  Uncover rock bottom prices on little-known products.  Your margins are about to need Weight Watchers.  (‘Cause they’re getting so fat.)  And for the less lazy, you’re schooled on how to preorder items and ship ’em out yourself.  Less risk, greater take-home, but slightly more work involved.  “Unleashed” is very chill.
  • DS Domination Monopoly: costs $499.  Learns ya how to take everything from Pro, Elite and Unleashed and circle back to actually sell it on Amazon.  Trippy, right?  See, Amazon has more traffic than eBay, therefore more money to be made.  You can list unlimited items (ahem, unlike eBay) and scale like a mofo.  “Monopoly” members are screaming, “Whaddup, Jeff Bezos, I’m your new partner.”  Wink.

That’s the haps on the DSDomination product craps.

But what about the business opportunity?

(OMG… Brian’s dead!)

There’s two reasons I shared this video.

One.  My hands-a-cramping, so I’m sure you’re eyes-a-hurtin’.  (For certain?)

So a lil break was much needed.

Two.  Ah, screw it.  In cliffhanger fashion, I’ll reveal reason numero deuce at the very end.  You’re welcome.

Back to the grind.

So on top of the how to start a dropshipping business info product lineup, DS adds an optional (but gnarly) affiliate program.

Personally, I’ve made it my one and only love business opportunity.

Here’s why:

  • It’s built for the people, by the people.  And the proof’s in the taco-flavored pudding.  Wait, what?  Over 80% of affiliates turn a profit in month one.  Me likes dem odds.
  • You make money without hitting up friends and fam.  Without throwing home parties.  Without 3-way calls.  Without pounding the pavement.  Zero recruiting.  Zero selling.  Learn dropshipping, go do it, stack your chips.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy?
  • Can you say over 90% retention rate, even at the “Elite” level?  I can.  I can also say residual income.  At the end of the day, that’s what we all want.  That look-ma-no-hands-mailbox-money.  Booyah, boy.

Those three bullets are why DSDomination.com is the solution for my previous network marketing pollution.

They’re what turned my MLM frown, upside down.

I’m proud to promote dropshipping domination and I believe I make a pretty strong case for being the best sponsor – and having the ultimate DS Domination team – in the game.

More on that cocky statement in a sec.

Now.  Most affiliates conveniently leave out some important deets.  Not your Asian cousin.

Here goes: activating your affiliate account is gonna run ya an extra $9.95/mo.  Once activated, you’ll be able to earn up to 75% commission on the products you own.

Also, there’s something else to buy.

I didn’t mention it above, because it’s not part of the core products.  It’s only relevant for affiliates, like yours truly, who wanna promote DS Domination.

It’s called Market Xtreme Pack, costs $199, and teaches ya how to cash-in on all the DS buzz.

Things like driving traffic, hosting webinars, and so on.

Included are super sexy suqeeze pages and a well-oiled sales funnel, both of which streamlined my results.

Compensation Plan

The DS Domination comp plan is summed up below.

Click play to discover why dropshipping money-getting is now in like Pat Flynn:

By now… you know the ins and outs of each product; you’ve got a PhD in the business opportunity; and you’ve seen firsthand how my team and I are livin’ like Thanksgivin’ thanks to DS Domination.

Question is: you a window shopper or a buyer?

You gonna sit on the sidelines and get ready to get ready?  Or you gonna run on the field and play ball?

HoShen’s looking for players.

(That’s my gangster Asian nickname… yep, just made it up right now.)

If you think you might be one, please continue.


I’m not one for hype.

But I honestly believe that if you’re willing to eat, drink, smoke and snort these products, it’d be hard not to make money.

If you’re struggling to make money online, in my biased opinion, this is it.

Your meal ticket.

And if you’re hungry, cash that “b” in.

I’ll make the decision even easier for ya.  Like I said a minute ago, I’m committed to being the #1 DS Domination leader here in 2014.

To achieve that lofty goal, it’s simple:

I gotta get my team results.

So here’s what I’ve done to help ensure you follow in my dropshipping domination footsteps…

I’ve carefully put together an exclusive Team Takeover bonus package.

After clicking my partner link and joining, you’ll get:

  • Individual coaching from me
  • 7-Day Rapid Profit Plan
  • “IM Lifestyle” weekly Google Hangout
  • My DS Google domination insights
  • Watch me go from zero to $15k/mo, live
  • Full access to our secret Team Takeover Facebook group
  • 24/7/365 support
  • Lifetime upgrades and ninja dropshipping bonuses

You picking up what I’m putting down?

If so, there’s just one lil thing left to do:

Click here to partner with me inside DS Domination…

After clicking my partner link above, registering, and paying…

… you’ll instantly receive unrestricted access to my all killer, no filler Team Takeover training suite, my personal mentoring and 24/7/365 support and hand-holding.

Everything you need to go fast, look sexy, and dropship like a pimp.

Dominating DS Domination,

Howard Shen

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